Friday, July 12, 2013

Visiting København K

København K is one of the coolest second hand shops in the city, with plenty of retro and vintage finds and the prices are usually pretty reasonable, even if one is on a student budget. During my visit I had this feeling of have seeing similar pieces in the shop in the streets of Copenhagen before, as young danes dress in such a hi-lo manner, mixing second hand finds with designer stuff and so on. Stilettos and military jackets, retro t-shirts and statement jewelry, sequin dresses and converse sneakers. After all Copenhagen street style is so not about dressing up... in the conventional sense.

More information on their facebook page (link)


  1. Great advice, gotta check it out!

  2. Hi,
    Nice post! I wanted to share my project 'Copenhagen Treasures' with you. It's an online guide to all second hand shops in Copenhagen.
    I was thinking that your readers might be interested in reading about the guide, since it's a pretty big guide with a lot of cool information :)

    Best Julie

  3. Hi Julie! Thanks for your message and so sorry for a bit delay answer. We were a damn busy recently. Sure, i would love to hear more about it! Could you contact me on my mail? Lovely day to you!xo


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