Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wackerhaus, grand brand form my neighbourhood

Østerbro and especially Østerbro lakes are great inspiration surrounded by good green energy - and it's not just for me. It seems to be also for Tina Wackerhausen - main designer for Wackerhaus who works alongside the lakes that are like crisp lettuce of beautiful Nordic surroundings.

I am glad and happy that just 5 minutes from my place by bike there is somebody who charms with their own creativity and delightful clothes.

I think that a dash of sartorial elegance with a hint of masculinity, clean and cohesive silhouette, subtle details, sleek textures, day-to-day elegance full of with simplicity are the main determinants of Wackerhaus style.

I'm delighted by dark colours and subtle colour pallet with flawless elegance but, first and foremost, I  adore simplicity in her style.

Wackerhaus debuted on Danish fashion scene in 2003 and has become a pioneer among a new generation of young designers in the capital.

Here are some samples of her work:



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