Sunday, February 17, 2013


To me, wearing hats is associated with cosmopolitan big cities. Like London. For example. I saw many many hats on the heads of men and women alike during my last visit to the city.

In Copenhagen I haven't seen as many hats. However if they appear on streets they come in vintage or indie rock form.

I was happy to see the last show of Wood Wood during Copenhagen Fashion Week which took place at the beginning of this month. This night when the lights went down and the runway was filled with models with hats, the hope of more hats in the city popped into my head.

I think that hats are pretty cool. They let you unveil yourself just as much as you want and keep a part just for yourself.

Well, a hat in Copenhagen it is not a frivolous accessory. It is more necessity because of the climate in Scandinavia. The one on the photo, simply bought in order to shade my eyes, keep warm and shield hair from rain.

For all of you guys, who would like to get the same one cheap: go to H&M in Strøget. You can get this one just for 20DKK :) as the discount is 169DKK right now!:))


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