Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fashion personality: Joy Villa

I like Danish fashion very much. I like what I see on people when walking the streets of Copenhagen. I like simple clothes, modernity mixed with vintage, oversized coats, impact of Weekdays in the city. I like dark colours. I like buns even every second Danish girl has got one. I like defects. Ignorance of fashion? My weakness? Dunno...

People always people inspire me. Last month I bumped into many visually interesting people, especially during the Copenhagen Fashion Week were many charismatic ones gathered together in order to celebrate "Danske" fashion.

I still remember the first day of CFW and my look with a simple jacket by Monki. Couldn't play that day.I needed to wear something comfortable. The camera on my necks reminded me of the fact that I came along working for Polish magazines, neverminds! Well, if I have to vote in my mind for the most inspirational women, the vote goes to Joy Villa: an actress, singer, model and fashion blogger ( and probably more ...) from NY city.

                                                                  photo by Thorsten von Overgaard/

It was so nice to see someone who is  brave enough with fashion, who plays with colours like a small girl. Someone who loves fun, chaos, creativity and elegance. But at the same time is not that simple. She really stood out from those in favour of Nordic colours like me.
                                                                   Photo by Andrew Sliva /

Ok, people say that you shouldn´t write long posts when you  are a blogger. There is a different style for Internet, so I got to finish... Somehow I should  probably end this up with what she left in my diary
" Wear colours! Go wild and be yourself".
Joy Villa -  thanks for spreading great spirit here in Scandinavia!:) Thanks for being the brightest colour during CFW!

                                                                photo by Douglas Ball/


  1. i love colours, that makes your life bright and passionate!

  2. Thank you Inez! I LOVE your blog post on me, what a fun time at CFW. I just updated my new website, and I'd like to feature this article. I hope you don't mind? :-) XOXOX

  3. Sure! Of course:) I took a glance on your new updated website and gotta say it is AWESOME!!! I will advertise it to all my fashion communities i belong:) Hugs from Europe!!!


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