Sunday, March 24, 2013

The beauty of simplicity

Finally the snow is melting! We are into spring, and the snow was beyond annoying last week in Copenhagen :(. "Damn, it's pretty cold AGAIN" - has been a morning thinking staple for way too long with all this wind and snow! 
I was forced to lay down under a warm blanket with a heap of books in order to pass my exams :P. It  peeved me to see the view out the window- nothing encouraging... 

I was really waiting for a day like this. Today, sun visited Denmark! My mood went up immediately! 

Well, my Sunday inspirations are below. Feel like wearing some pastel colour and say 'goodbye' to my  black love just for now ;)

The watch is from Tiger. Very cheap shop in DK. Bought as super childish impulse-buy and it was only 30dkr - less than a new battery for my old one...

 Pink spats for hands - Lisbeth Dahl 150 dkr. Feel spring on your fingers and wear a butterfly ring! My  one is from Sweden.

                                                         Make- up bag - Lisbeth Dahl, 350 dkr.

                          Girly bag - Lisbteh Dahl 400 dkr, pillows - Lisbteh Dahl 225 dkr per each.

+ lovely Sunday.

Stay beautiful!




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