Monday, May 6, 2013

Interview: let´s talk about fashion!

" Fashion is about being creative. You can show your personality trough clothes, no matter how much money you have got!"

Last Friday very openly I marvelled with Noemia Colonna, (a Broadcaster Journalist and Student of Media Studies at the University of Copenhagen). We chatted about the understanding of fashion, femininity and of course about Denmark;)

What does mean fashion to you?
Fashion lets you express yourself to others. It is a pattern that marks who you are, what you like and what is your relationship with a life. Definitely, fashion has got a deep relationship with the life as it represents the state of your mind. It is a pure form of representation, I would like to add.

Is Denmark a good place for fashion?
Not really in a sense that people here are very similar with the way how they look. There is a very thin  space for being individual on the grounds that people fallow same patterns.

It is something that you like about Danish fashion?
I like that fashion here it is very democratic and gives you chances. For example you can buy a hot trend for 2000 dkr or for 500drk. If somethings is a top trend, you can get " the same looking jacket" from a cheap or an expensive store. The fashion here seems to be open.

Your favourite season in Denmark is?
I love spring when people do not hide their faces in the huge hoods any more. When they start to show more. A nice weather here gives you a good balance between beautiful and comfortable garments.

Your daily inspirations you get from?
Streets and fashion books.

How you see your style?
Darling, classic, causal and full of colours!

What everyone should have got in a wardrobe?
A black dress, a white t-shirt and flowers. In Brazil we use many flowers. We put them in hair of add to dresses. They are always beautiful and so feminine.

Any recommendations for now?
Dress! Girls, throw out pants and put your body in a dress!

Noemia´s items that I adore!

Black and white shoes and a masculine bracelet


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