Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photos and talk!

Shoots with Frederik Havmøller.

Another day we met to talk about fashion, inspirations and his style...

Hi Fredrik!
Hi Inez!
Could you tell me a little bit about yourself? What is your educational background? What are your general interests?
I am a 25-year old guy who holds the education from the European Film College in Ebeltoft. The guy who likes movies, Tarantino ones especially; who loves music, colours and smiles.
Nice!... Well, we met in order to talk a bit about fashion...Do you like fashion?
I like to dress up. I like to see how different combinations work together or don´t work...I like to discover diverse things through fashion. I like to play with fashion. I like to look at various cuts, shapes in order to notice how these elements fit to a person who wears them.
What does fashion mean to you?
To me, fashion is an expression of personality, the expression of taste, the expression of story of the person who carries it. I get sort of sentimental values from fashion.
How would you describe your style then?
Full of colours, fresh and inspired by 80s.
How would you define your city´s fashion?
Sort of the same... In another words, sort of the same as architecture: you grow up, live here and you start not to notice it anymore...You don’t see architecture anymore. It just becomes different when you travel. When you’re outside of your place, then you tend to see more and more... And the same goes for fashion. In Copenhagen there are kind of similarities. Trough that I mean, there are some sub- culture groups of people who look pretty similar. And you can easy tell who is young or who has got kids and carries more serious life. Fashion tells a story: not just who you are, but as well the story where you are at the certain moment of your life. Although, I feel good with what I see in my city.
Do you have a favourite Danish designer?
Nope.I don´t care in that sense..
Your favourite colour to wear is?
Well, you are very colourful Fredrik! What kind of message do you want to pass on to me trough your outfit today?
Don´t worry, be happy;)
Thanks, that´s nice and do you have any special piece of clothing that is very unique to you?
The jacket that I’m wearing today. It is kinda special to me, as it is a part of my grandfather´s old suit.
Show me! Oh, yeah it´s so cool!
Yeah, it has more character then another jackets as some elements are missing...
Is there anything else that is special for you to wear?
Also a pair of shoes that I got from him. All the things that he gave me personally have got sort of different values then the stuff I revived after he passed away...Somehow, I used to wear these shoes when I was 10-year old boy and I wore them till now...I brought them with me on my 3-month Asia tour. I thought they would be dead after a such heavy rain in Bangkok when I rotted them a lot. However, I still got them. They’re at my mums right now. She is about to repair them. They are really cool! I will show you these shoes! They must be from 50s or 60s...
And tell me, how was the shoot? Did you like it?
Yeah, I did. It was fun. I found it very provocative when you made me to stand next to the wall with the inscription of “Mother”, without wearing a T-shirt.Yeah, it was very provocative, however in a positive way.
Damn, we are out of the time. Any thoughts you would like to add to the end?
Well, I wanna be more flexible with what I wear...Perhaps, more black on me as you do...
I´m kidding!...(laughing)


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