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They say to me fashion is full of bitchiness, backstabbing and all-round rudeness. And you know, they are generally absolutely right. People are so terrified of falling out of grace with their inner sanctum. They never admit a collection was anything but "amazing, gorge, loved it!" They convince each other to believe the hype, terrified a bad word will jeopardise their own fame. Especially we, fashion bloggers are extremely good at telling how much we like or love collections, and how much we want to present SELF and exhibit SELF shoes or SELF pants during SELF show.

I wasn't blogging for a while, as honestly I got tired of being a part of same circle. Being cool, being fashionable, having a perfect life and having a good looking boyfriend who fits in. The irritation of Danish young bloggers since the last Copenhagen Fashion Week has piled up. During this gathering from a press bus with my friend Ula, we watched those dressed up kids. It is nothing wrong you go crazy with garments, if you are a crazy mind. Fashion should be a reflection to our personality, however  I cannot stand when there is not enough personality and some folks try to show it just trough clothes.  That time with Ula, easily we could to feel that those decorative parts were fake, there was no passion or personality within them. Looking for being cool, standing out for the sake of standing out, presentation of designers patterns, and in the end our fashion pile mixed with Friday gin or vodka. I don't remember either.

In Denmark, I love Diva-Nadja Mejer as her fashion is a refraction of her colourful personality. Out of it, it makes a perfect visual sign. And I do love an another Danish lady, my beloved one-Marianne Stampe, or her always distinct lips and the astoundingly strong and feminine touch in her fashion. These ladies love fashion, I love fashion, and even though I tried to delete this blog as I got tired of not being perfect, when everyone from a fashion world expects perfection from me...

However, there are still many cool blogs that I enjoy reading. I with a new contributor Juli attempt to make our blog more serious on the way you sense fashion in fashion magazines. Even I am drained to be part of something that is loosing the point, I still think fashion blogs started a great dialog. Outsiders have always wanted to get a glimpse of the inside of what is going on in fashion, and it seems that blogs have opened up for that. This is where fashion lives and breathes and I adore bloggers for this particular dialog which seems to be democratic. And I love bloggers for openness and making up, fashion has stopped being just an airtight jar for people in the industry with their noses turned up.

To end with, I decide to present you a blogger; David Quilaguy who thinks about each stylisation well. Who feels fashion and makes many garments by himself to express his creativity. Who is not afraid and who is honest in this love. Glancing at his blog, I wish we could to have more blogs where their owners think, what kind of story they would like to tell to other by wearing particular clothes. Instead presenting how cool, awesome, Gucci, gorgeous, fabulous they are. Being aware of fashion as a honest visual signature is crucial if you wanna be in! 

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