Thursday, June 12, 2014

Discover-David Andersen, if you do not know yet!

I still do remember the mood of his collection AW14 presented in the City Hall during the last Copenhagen Fashion Week. My beloved one, Ula from a Lounge Magazine was sitting, while I run from one corner to another, in order to get various perspectives through the lenses on his clothes.

Well, I  just could not to stand on the pedestal, especially created for us- called the photographers that night. I had to run, as his collection did not let me passively sit or stand while watching. Actually, I discovered that running with a camera it was the best what could happen to me. It let me capture differently than my standing colleagues, the sartorial garments and the models with the hair like form a some other planet.

The name...I still cannot name, if what I saw was more craft of art. What I can say, his collection let to participate in the platform, where craft meets art and you do not need to name it necessary. Without the name, it still made a good feeling about!

Luckily, yesterday and the day before, David Andersen made a summer sample sale. People as I who do not have mandatory much money, got a chance to buy his intriguing garments. And what I absolutely love about yesterday is that, the people who came to do shopping, were in so various ages. This proofs universality of his collections, what notable can be a plus.

The presented samples yesterday, were with a strong focus on black. The black, leather combination, asymmetric cuts with the sensual touch of femininity, could become a real bliss for a consumer.
The dress and jacket made of sequins, broke the consequence of the displaying. These two ones, really stood out from a preservative black. For 400 dkr I got a sequin jacket and for some more banknotes, a beautiful black dress affected by the  simplicity!

Photos from the Summer Sample Sample that took place in a beautiful building in Store Kannikestræde 19, above!


Stay tuned with this Danish Master!

* Thank you for contributing on the photos, guys! You are amazing Danes!!!


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