Saturday, December 8, 2012

Winter male fashion

Martin - a friend from Vienna is showing off his outfit with many influences from Copenhagen in front on my lens.
It is worth to mention the photosession took place at my attic at Østerbro when Copenhagen as a city was full of vapors of Saturday's alcohol just above our heads...

            Photos by Inez Dawczyk/ Østerbro, Copenhagen

*these ones should go with this song by New Order! Def. yeah!

dire, devision...


Jeans: Cheap Monday, bought at Peek and Cloppenburg Vienna 50 Euro
Parka: Fjällräven, bought at Fjällräven seller in Cph city center 2100 Kr.
Shirt: No name, Vintage, bought at ChatuChak weekend- market, Bangkok. 3 Euro
Ruby coloured pullover: Jack Jones Corp of DK. bought at Peek and Cloppenburg 50 Euro
Shoes: Lacoste Wyken Leather Trainers bought at Asos Online store 93 Euros

Winter hat: North 66, bought in Reykjavik for 50 Euros

His recommendations:

"Always keep your eyes open on streets. Go to shops and take your time! Don´t do shopping in hungry or in stressful situations. Sometimes, it´s good to have some music around you. For example in stores like American Apparel they play loud music. This can help you with your decisions because you can feel the rhythm of presented fashion on shop´s hangers."

Thoughts on fashion:
" Most of the time fashion is actually conventional. It´s nothing revolutionary anymore if you compare it to the 1920s, where women started wearing trousers and tried to disregard conventions. Fashion is actually nothing else than convention. You always want to be part of a trend. That´s nothing revolutionary..."


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