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To wear or not to wear – that is the question

 AW14 Kopenhagen Fur (Photo by Inez Dawczyk)
If I look at the runways, it is obvious that there is a serious fur situation going on. We could see how many different ways you could use this versatile material at several designers showing at the Copenhagen Fashion Week and then also at New York Fashion Week. In Milan, Karl Lagerfeld himself was materialized from fur – and the Internet went crazy. The fabric’s renaissance contains styles in bright, vivid colors, accessories or detailing raising it to a whole new level and making it way more 21th century. Even men wear fur in a way that emphasizes their masculinity; and here we are, a sentence I never thought I would write. So all these elements naturally made me think, what is MY stance on the use of animal skin in fashion?

AW14 Kopenhagen Fur (Photo by Inez Dawczyk) 

Now, before I start I should mention that I’m a great advocate of animal rights and I’m against causing them any pain at all. I profoundly respect Stella McCartney for what she did and is still doing for animal welfare. In an interview, she asks why should we use real leather and fur when there are great substitutes for both substances and the customers often don’t realize the difference. I could never agree with a statement more. BUT. And sadly or not, this but appeared in my monologue when talking about the use of fur. Let me explain you why.

Every time when I have a conversation about this controversial topic with a fur-promoter, I always get this question first: are you a vegetarian? Well, I am not. And then I just stand there as a big hypocrite. Or at least that’s how I feel. (Let me add that I think the question is not entirely fair because I consider these things different. Fur is a luxury or a status symbol if you like that improves your standard of living but definitely not a necessity, while meat, as I’m a meat-eater, is a significant component of your diet.) Still, the inquiry makes me ponder. 

Since I live in a Scandinavian country where many people wear fur and where the fur production is highly promoted, I actually think about it a lot. I went to lectures held by Kopenhagen Fur – an exclusive brand as well as a large auction house - and I read quite a few articles about their activity and how they handle production. I have to admit that they got me and I'm no longer a very strict anti-fur person.
First of all, Denmark has the strongest regulation in the European Union concerning farming for fur. The country apparently finds it crucial to constantly conduct researches in cooperation with universities and to continually look for developments in the sector. They even have an institute called the Danish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and several projects and initiatives, such as the Welfare Quality Project.
Thanks to these laws and statutes, the animals are kept in really good conditions. Representatives of the organization systematically check out all farms from time to time in order to secure that all regulations are carried out properly. Once I talked to one of the workers and she said it’s also the farmers’ interest to treat the animals right because if they fail to do so, then the fur won’t be the excellent quality that is required to be sold. There is also a possibility to visit the farms which is a great opportunity for people to see how they work in real life.
The company also argues that their fur production is completely sustainable. Since the production takes place almost entirely at the farms, contamination from transportation is reduced. When it comes to the by-products of fur, they make sure that all components are utilized and the animal feeds are by-products of other industries. And if you think about it, fur is a natural material that requires no chemicals when producing – unlike the non-biodegradable synthetics that are awfully popular in fashion – and eventually it will become a part of nature again.
I still can't decide on where I stand in this question even with all the available data. Deep in my heart I think I’m still against wearing fur but I consider buying vintage/second-hand coats a considerable compromise. 

If you would like to know more about how Kopenhagen Fur works, visit their website:

AW14 Kopenhagen Fur (Photo by Inez Dawczyk) 


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